L&S Artisan Meats is Ecuador’s finest pork, chicken, and beef producers. Farm-to-table pasture raised pork, aged meats, gourmet sausages and smoked products since 2012. We are family-owned and operated, we live and work here amongst the volcanoes of the Northern Andes.

While we are based in Cotacachi we deliver across Ecuador. We invite you to peruse our website. Load up your cart with your favorite, delicious things, and check out our shipping and delivery options. We personally deliver to Cotacachi, Ibarra, Otavalo, and Quito. And have pioneered methods of shipping to Olon, Puerto Lopez, Puerto Cayo, Cuenca, Guayaquil, Bahia, Crucita, Loja, and Banos. If you want it we can get it to you.

Farm-To-Table Goodness

L&S Artisan Meats!

We started raising pigs on pastures with the idea of being the best, and we’ve stayed true to our roots; we continue to use rotational pastures to raise our pigs, they live eating grasses, digging in the mud, free to roam amongst our trees. There is no concrete or cages. Our pasture raised pigs are instrumental in the high quality products we are known for.  The freshness and quality of our chicken products is unmatched, and we’ve sourced the best lamb and beef from likeminded farms. All while bringing our superior practices and creativity. We continue to strive for excellence and continue to innovate to bring products found nowhere else in Ecuador at an unrivaled quality.

Shawn has owned the farm, formally a commercial chicken operation located outside Cotacachi since 2009. He moved here looking to try something new, operating the farm as a chicken farm until 2012 when Lindsay met Shawn while backpacking through the area. Serendipitously Shawn purchased his first group of piglets that same day to use as animal tractors for his new permaculture project. From those first 5 pigs the farm and L&S Artisan Meats has evolved to produce and provide the country’s best meats, shipping to cities across the country.

For the first 5 years the farm and business were operated completely using volunteers who came to learn about the permaculture project, animal husbandry, and the butchering and processing of meats.

Through those 5 years we were honored to meet and learn from over 200 volunteers ages 18 through 65, from all over the world.

These days the farm and business are staffed by employees from our neighboring communities of La Calera, Imantag, and San Martin. We are teaching them our processes, unique across the world, and giving them opportunities to support their communities and families.

Shawn has always enjoyed smoking meats, our first customers were a group of North Americans who came out to tour the farm. Shawn was using his barrel smoker to smoke chickens. A few were sold and the demand was real. After living here for a few years he realized there were so many things he missed from his hometown butcher in Holdrege Nebraska, and if he missed them other folks probably missed them as well. As those first 5 pigs came to butcher weight and a need to find a means of supporting ourselves was realized, he started learning the process of curing, aging, and making all the things he loved but missed. Our business was born.

We began very small only selling to our neighbors in Cotacachi. As our notoriety grew demand in other locations grew as well. We expanded next to Quito, followed by Cuenca and Banos, and in the last few years have been shipping out to the coastal cities of Ecuador.

From our family to you thank you for your interest and support. We couldn’t be more grateful to the many friends, family, and loyal customers who helped us get here.