We started raising pigs on pastures with the idea of being the best, and we’ve stayed true to our roots; we continue to use rotational pastures to raise our pigs, they live eating grasses, digging in the mud, free to roam amongst our trees. There is no concrete or cages.

Shawn has owned the farm, formally a commercial chicken operation located outside Cotacachi since 2009. He moved here looking to try something new, operating the farm as a chicken farm until 2012 when Lindsay met Shawn while backpacking through the area. Serendipitously Shawn purchased his first group of piglets that same day to use as animal tractors for his new permaculture project, reforesting the farm with native Andean tress and fruit trees from the region. From those first 5 pigs the farm and L&S Artisan Meats has evolved to produce and provide the country’s best meats, shipping to cities across the country.

All our pigs are raised using a rotational pasture system.  No coops or concrete, they roam their pastures freely, live in nice comfortable houses, and eat natural things.  No hormones or antibiotics are used in their raising.  Our goal is happy and humanely raised animals.

Why do we raise our pigs this way? It is more difficult and more expensive but the benefits for you as the customer, and our environment and planet, greatly outvalue the small increase in expenses. Our pasture raised pigs are instrumental in the high quality products we are known for.  We continue to strive for excellence and continue to innovate to bring products found nowhere else in Ecuador at an unrivaled quality.