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L&S Artisan Meats is Ecuador’s finest pork, chicken, and beef producers. Farm-to-table pasture raised pork, aged meats, gourmet sausages and smoked products since 2012. We are family-owned and operated, we live and work here amongst the volcanoes of the Northern Andes...

About Our Pork Products


We started raising pigs on pastures with the idea of being the best, and we’ve stayed true to our roots; we continue to use rotational pastures to raise our pigs, they live eating grasses, digging in the mud, free to roam amongst our trees. There is no concrete or cages.

Shawn has owned the farm, formally a commercial chicken operation located outside Cotacachi since 2009. He moved here looking to try something new, operating the farm as a chicken farm until 2012 when Lindsay met Shawn while backpacking through the area...

Ecuadorian Beef Done Right!


We have found the best sources and use only the top cuts to get you the highest quality products otherwise not available in the country.

- Pastrami
- Bacon Wrapped Filet
- Beef Strips
- Ground Beef
- Corned Beef Roast
- Gourmet Hot Dogs
- Beef Stock
- L&S Beef Snack Sticks
- Ribeye

Not just for charcuterie boards and snacking.

Aged Meats

L&S Artisan Meats' Aged Meats are not just for charcuterie boards and snacking. These serve up some amazing Italian sandwiches. List of Aged Meats is bellow.

- Salami
- Pepperoni
- Summer Sausage
- 100% Beef, Garlic Summer Sausage
- Jalapeno Cheddar Summer Sausage
- Guanciale
- Soppressata
- Lonzino

Know about our chicken items


Shawn started raising chickens on a commercial level in 2009, at the time smoking meat was just a hobby but in 2010 when a group of North Americans toured the farm, and tasted the smoked chickens, a side business was born. As our vision of the farm changed we decided to no longer raise chickens on a large scale, only in small batches for our customers.

Our chickens are raised hormone and antibiotic free. They are butchered humanely and are prepared using sound food safety practices.

Half and Whole Lambs


We've teamed up with La Verde Oveja to bring you pasture raised, responsibly grown, farm-to-table lamb products.

We are excited to announce that we are now able to offer whole and half lambs to those interested at discounted pricing compared to the individual cuts.
An example of what a half lamb consists of is below. There is some freedom to change some of the cuts if you prefer. When purchasing whole or half lambs there will be bones and fat which will be yours as well if you'd like.

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